Web Comic

Zombie Hunters

Writing and Art By: Jenny Romanchuk

Reviewed by Ismael Manzano


     I was tapped to review the Web Comic, www.thezombiehunters.com by the elusive Melissa Minners, and, being that I’d never done a review for a Web Comic, I took the job with a smile and a stomach full of nerves.  First I’d like to give credit where credit is do and drop the names of the creators of the site: Jenny, Dan, Katie, Maureen, and Sammie, five college students working together to make something for others to enjoy.  I'd also like to note that five out of the six characters are named and modeled after the aforementioned creators.   

     The Zombie Hunters Web Comic centers on a group of two men and four girls that make up a hunter squad.  They live in an apocalyptic world where zombies have infested most of the populace and only a scant few have survived.  They’re given specific missions to achieve, but sometimes they get sidetracked with a little looting to supplement their income.  Can they do their job while maintaining their friendships and sense of humor? 

     As far as a review of the content of the comic itself, I can’t go much further because the comic book is still ongoing.  While I question the wisdom of a Web Comic in which readers must wait a week at a time for one page of information—some people are likely to get bored—I found my curiosity piqued from the dozen or so pages that I did read. I am not at all ashamed to say that I will be returning to their web page every week to see what happens next. 

     As comics go, this one was well done.  The art was great and the colors blazed off the screen.  It was drawn in a semi-manga style that was reminiscent of the older cartoons from overseas, but a little more relaxed in certain places.  I think the art reflected the characters and the tone of the story perfectly. 

     The characters were comically irreverent in that way that comic book youth tend to be, but there was a definite likeability to each of them that shines through the context of the page.  Likewise, the writing is solid; not exactly novel or innovative, but energetic and fun throughout.  I especially liked the cameo appearance by Manic Depression—who I’m assuming are part of another web based comic book.  Though I’ve never read the other comic book, the little exchange was hysterical.

     The site also offers a glimpse into the lives of the creators, character sheets, wallpaper downloads, characters soundtracks, faqs, and creator bios. 

     All in all, I have to say that www.thezombiehunters.com is definitely worth the time to look through, even if just to support talent, up and coming artists, writers, and—from what little information I could gather about them on the site—fun people.  Either way, I’m sure you’ll love the comic and come back for more.  I did. 

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